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On demobilisation he returned to the Midland Bank , and married in 1923. In the Second Globe War he was an Air Raid Warden in the course of the Blitz. In 1942 he was commissioned as a Temp.Lieutenant R.N.V.R. and was the Initially Lieutenant of the Kingston-on-Thames Sea Cadets for 4 years. On arrival at Harwich the subsequent day they have been each taken to the police station so that checks could be made on them, and they have been interrogated by a Naval Intelligence Officer just before getting allowed to take the train to London. They had been expected, and were at after taken to the bowels of the ship. An inspection manhole was opened, and they had been put into the propeller shaft tunnel and told "Keep your heads down".

What BAC means to us: Arthur Smith, Emma Rice, Stewart Lee and others - The Guardian

What BAC means to us: Arthur Smith, Emma Rice, Stewart Lee and others.

Posted: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 07:00:00 GMT [ source ]

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Immediately after booking in we all had coffee, and I consider brandies in some circumstances, with Mark Gilis and Roger Bal who went over the programme with us - which was substantially the exact same as had been sent to us just before we left. We had been also every single presented with a pack of descriptive literature, such as that of Antwerp Docks, part of which we were to stop by the following day. We have been incredibly pleased to see them after once more right after their stop by to London earlier in the year.

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They greeted us and seated themselves in a group and had coffee. On receiving back to ‘De Snor’ we have been pleased to discover that member Bob Carter had arrived safely with lady pal, getting travelled, via Dover-Calais ferry, by auto. It was as properly that they did arrive, for that evening 12 of us went to a Portuguese restaurant close to ‘De Snor’ for a fish supper.

James revealed that this was 1 of the best driving days of his life, and a week into this pan-European event it occurred to him just how extremely comfy the GT86 had been so far. At no point had he felt the have to have to get out and stretch his back or legs in fact, so incorrigible was the auto that James regularly felt precisely the opposite. This was an early indication of the sort of challenging mountain passes that created up the memorable driving route for the subsequent couple of days. The trip from Salzburg to Bolzano, Northern Italy, on day 5 incorporated quite a few enjoyable blasts up and down the Gross Glockner Pass, when day six to Zurich took in the renowned Stelvio Pass. Pressing on into brussels escorts , the convoy had its sights set on Salzburg and a stop by to the engineering marvel and historical monument of the Eagle’s Nest.

Also, we climbed so steeply that a quarter bottle full of Polish vodka slid out from under the seat in front of me evidently left there from a earlier flight. We have been served with some orange juice and this was enjoyed with some most delicious cookies, a box of which had been offered to us by the Snorrenclub for the flight.

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