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It is a common problem that often happens to many who enter the world of the Internet and want to have a presence there. Whether they are professional developers, such as bloggers, small and medium business owners, etc. Everyone comes to the same dilemma.

Your first experience with web hosting can be as smooth as a walk in the field, with a reliable and secure provider, who always has contacts available through different means, such as telephone, live chat or email. But if you rush to choose without considering a correct investigation, it can lead to disaster. It will leave you a bitter taste in the mouth to deceit and disappointment.

After many years of experience in different types of hosting I can say that I have already been on that side of the counter. Before getting the correct web hosting that would satisfy all my needs, I had a couple of disappointments. That is why I have prepared this short guide to serve you on your path to success in web hosting.   1. Know the Alternatives and which are the ones you need.  

First you must know what your needs are and how the services offered by providers would adapt. For example, if you have a page to expose personal works you will not need a dedicated server, in the same way that an online store with high traffic can not skimp on expenses with a very cheap hosting plan.

Shared hosting is great for small and medium websites. In shared web hosting, as its name implies, many websites share the same server. It is usually the first option to choose since it is the cheapest and simplest. In addition to being the gateway to hosting services for many, since later they usually choose in the future to migrate to some alternative dedicated servers or VPS.

Because your site is not the only one on the server, it is vulnerable to the consumption of resources from other websites and therefore the performance is highly variable, and much less than in other alternatives. If you really are serious and you know that your traffic will be considerably high then this alternative is not for you.

What to consider here? Price, user support, and performance are the most important issues when choosing shared web hosting. Other differences that providers often offer are the ability to offer benefits to e-commerce applications, free domain names, advertising credits, website builders, and a hardware upgrade.  

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