Gemstones with Health Benefits

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Crystals and gems have always been used for therapeutic and curative purposes: each of them has in fact beneficial properties capable of acting on a variety of ailments that affect both the physical and emotional spheres. Many of these are also indicated to protect the aura especially of those people who are so sensitive that, like sponges, they absorb and are influenced by the energies of those around them, including the negative ones that can have undesirable effects on them.

By interacting with other living beings we constantly come into contact with the energies of others, and even with those of places and environments. We do not normally notice this exchange, unless there is a strong negative energy that drains ours and makes us feel powerless. Will you have happened to enter a room and feel "strange" or not comfortable, or to have spent a few hours with a person and feel tired, without any energy left or without any stimulus? In that case you experienced a theft of energy, coming into contact with negative energies that also affected yours.

Healing Crystals

There are highly sensitive people, who are called empathic: they are those who have the ability to absorb the energies of others just like a sponge absorbs water, every time they come into contact with someone. A highly sensitive person is able to understand what others feel, "feels" the emotions of others and live it as if it were their own experience.

Not only negative emotions, but also positive ones can affect them, and live them as if they were their own, so much so that they can go from extreme happiness to depression but without knowing why.

In other words, an energy connection is created that risks overwhelming the energy of the sensitive person, who, if he is unable to put barriers between himself and others, can find himself at the mercy of what others feel, without being able to have control of their emotional life. They also usually figure out when the other is lying or omitting the truth.