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When you switch the Gain up past 9:00 it is possible to gradually add a growing number of distortion. The Gain control is usually a dual pot that controls various areas of the circuit concurrently, to make a transparent, warm overdrive at any placing. The Gain knob and the Tone knob are useable throughout their entire range and are capable of producing many tones of overdrive. The spectrum extends from "touch of dirt" to "bluesy tube sound". Unlike additional overdrive pedals the Cool Fusion Overdrive does not have that nasty nasal, mid-rangey taste to it and it generally does not lose bottom end when cranked. An extraordinary superior boost and fat, filthy overdrive sounds will be the hallmarks of the pedal. The energetic tone control enables you to cut or boost various areas of the rate of recurrence spectrum without loss.A genuine bypass with LED indicator instead of an inexpensive input buffer and a 2,1mm barrel jack 9V connector are regular features with Banzai.

The price (brand-new or used) is quite reasonable, and you'll feel slightly cooler around your guitarist buddies knowing the Timmy can be one of those "grail" pedals. Just remember it's not for everybody, especially if you wish your overdrive to add its own character in the mids. Notice: On the used marketplace you'll see "early" or "v1" Timmy overdrive pedals fetching from 2x to 3x the price. Regarding to Paul Cochrane himself it does not seem there is a factor in tone with one of these early models. » A low to moderate gain overdrive that keeps your amp's tone. The EarthQuaker Products Westwood translucent overdrive manipulator is normally a minimal to medium gain drive with a broad EQ range that noises great while keeping your guitar and amp character. The true bypass pedal has a soft-click footswitch to engage the all-analog signal route. This makes my 15 watt tube amp audio better, regardless of the placing.

The 20 decibel EQ really allows me get the most from my amp while retaining what I love about it. EarthQuaker Products built this pedal particularly with low wattage amps at heart. We played it on four tube amps and it sounded great, although different, with all of them. With a good amount of drive, it by no means sounded too compressed but still responded to picking episodes with great dynamics. The crunch noises terrifically full so when the drive boosts you get a somewhat fuzzy drive. With the Drive knob turned down, it works as a transparent increase. The Bass and Treble knobs both possess center detents, and are able to cut or increase by a huge 20 decibels. This wide EQ makes this pedal really versatile and you will really sculpt your amp to audio large, cut through a combination, or whatever the situation demands while keeping the your core tone.

Bottom Series: If you love dearly your amps sound, but only want even more of it, browse the Westwood. It delivers an articulate medium gain drive that responds to your playing and doubles as a clean boost thanks to a wide active EQ. What Does an Overdrive Pedal Perform? The pure way to attain an overdriven tone is always to press a tube amp to the idea of saturation where it begins "clipping." However, doing that's not the most practical, as we don't all possess tube amps that people can crank to unholy volume amounts. Enter most famous guitarists . An overdrive is crucial in the event that you play genres like blues, classic rock, or garage area rock. Into your amp's clean channel: It is possible to keep your amp on the clean channel, and kick on the overdrive to make the tone richer and even more saturated, which can range from subtle completely to more aggressive coloration. This may typically be dialed in by way of a pedal's DRIVE knob.