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DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A MOBILE APP OR A NEW IDEA ON THE WEB? Agile development: small steps for distant destinations We are not in love with tools, but with solutions ❌ Have you outsourced the development of a software to a web agency, a freelance, one or more developers and then for several reasons the software development has been stopped and you are stuck?

❌Do you have an obsolete business software? Which is no longer adequate for your business needs? Which maybe isn't up to standard? On which it is impossible to get your hands on?

❌Do you have a project or an idea to create a business software but you never seriously started developing with any supplier and you don't know where to start?

Stop chasing your suppliers. With us you will have:

✔️A team of expert programmers and systems engineers will be able to meet any of your design, development and deployment needs.

✔️ Our experience and our skills allow us to follow any web project and enter and collaborate with any team.

What can we offer you? Web Development Starting from simple sales portals and CMS, to complex web applications such as ticket offices, multi-platform tracking systems, development or integration of APIs.

We build full-stack web applications with the best technologies of the moment or upgrade your existing software.

Software engineering & system integration Not everyone can manage a technical team or choose and manage the tools to help you achieve the desired results. In certain contexts it becomes complex to even have different computer systems that perform various business functions in dialogue. This is the reason why some companies look for external teams that can give them decisive help: to finish the missing parts and launch their products. With our experience in managing mission critical solutions, we are sure you will get the results you want.

Startup assistance Do you want to turn your intuition into reality? The project can make a difference. An idea, even the most brilliant, can collapse under the weight of infinite development and increasing operating costs. By applying the LEAN method to your startup, we will assist you in the realization of your MVP, that is the minimum product that will allow you sustainable growth and cost containment, with which you can start promoting yourself and make yourself known.

Security & Data Protection All companies, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate, are potentially subject to targeted attacks on their information systems. We provide vulnerability assessment consultations and penetration tests, as well as intrusion and cyber threats analysis. A penetration test simulates a real cyber attack in order to test the computer security status of a network, a site, an office or a company.

mobile app development services in usa and Mobile development Today we access the internet mostly from mobile phones. Even your customers. Do you need a native app for ios and android or a responsive web application? We guide you in choosing the right solution and we develop mobile applications and mobile oriented web apps.

Data Handling Today we are talking about big data. In a world increasingly driven by numbers and data, information gathering and analysis is becoming increasingly crucial for companies.

Developing for the web all our solutions are data-driven, that is set on numbers and statistics, oriented to data collection and statistics. In this perspective we develop and integrate solutions to allow your company to collect information and process essential data. We design the information architecture, their collection and finally the analysis.