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Robinhood Referral Program is one of the latest new stock broking sites to hit the scene. They are offering a free stock trade that they refer to as a Robinhood IRA. The sign up is free but you must have an existing balance to place in the account. The returns that you will receive depend on your personal risk appetite and you may be able to see as much as three percent return if you choose the standard version of the program.

What makes Robinhood different from other stock broking systems is the free stock trading option. In the past companies that would offer this kind of opportunity had a policy of not paying for the service, until they could earn it from the referral of other investors.

The new Robinhood free stock trade offers a large part of the profits to the original investor and the rest is given to the companies that referred the investors. The only issue with this method is that many of the smaller companies are able to pass on their marketing costs to the new investors who received the direct commission checks.

For Get Free Stock Picks From Robinhood , the moneymaking capabilities of Robinhood will be the deciding factor. If you use the stock broker services provided by Robinhood the fees will be minimal. On the other hand, the small commissions you will be receiving will go a long way towards making the commission-based stock broking system affordable for most people.

The Robinhood free stock trade is a good option if you are already familiar with stockbroking. You can make a successful investment when you combine it with other things like adding a low cost online autopilot trading system to your portfolio. This is not to say that you should not have the educational tools that you need to make a successful investment with your own funds, but using autopilot trading software may allow you to trade more often, saving you valuable time.

With Robinhood being a very user friendly site, you should be able to navigate the site and select a few stocks that you want to trade. Once you have your order placed you will be automatically notified by text message if you do in fact make the purchase.

One of the greatest things about Robinhood is the fact that it has a low minimum deposit requirement. It also gives you the option of making regular deposits to increase your level of security and liquidity.

Robinhood is well suited for both new and experienced stock brokers. Their commission based system makes them a great place to start. If you decide to continue with an executive package then you may want to consider the pay as you trade model that Robinhood offers.