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Redwoods State Park Is Open for Business

Redwoods State Park is being rebuilt after a destructive fire, the Department of Forestry announced. State parks in California were closed for the rebuilding process. But, Redwood National Forest officials said, that doesn't mean visitors will not be able to see the famous park in its rebuilt form. The park is expected to open to the general public on May 18th.

Redwood forests were built centuries ago to capture the"God's Breath," or pine cones that could float down to the earth from the mountains to offer food for birds. During the last big storm once the park burned, there were reports that some of the forest was gone, but the state Park said they were"discovering the park now".

Visiting Redwoods State Park - California

According to Redwood State Park, the old temples and buildings that were damaged are gone. Campgrounds in the park will be re-built around the area of the forest, according to park officials. Many campgrounds will also be re-developed, and visitors can enjoy picnic areas as well as hiking trails on the new grounds. Some of the park's historic headquarters buildings are still standing, and officials expect that the park's historical camp grounds and buildings will be available before the park reopens.

Visitors can explore the area by hiking through the old campgrounds, or by taking a ride on a bus or train to the other side of the park. Central Valley who want a more leisurely time should visit the campgrounds where there is enough room for cars, RV's or even a bus. The primary campgrounds in the park will remain open as will the old campgrounds. However, all campgrounds in the park that were formerly used by campers have been vacated. Visitors should plan to arrive early to the site and check out the campgrounds before leaving for the day.

Redwood National Forest officials also said that campers who want to drive into the park after dark must do so during daylight hours. The park is also closed for the rest of the summer and a temporary roadblock has been placed up around the area before the park reopens.

The park's website says visitors will be able to go on guided tours of the site in the future, but they won't have the ability to enter the park without going through a gate. The park's official website has an announcement on the planned reopening of the park for the summer and contains information about what visitors can expect when they visit the new country park. The website also includes the most recent news and updates on the reopening. Redwood National Forest officials say the reopening of the park should be complete by mid-June.