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It is house to perfectly white flat landscapes, the floor appeared artificially icy but should you touched it, it was dry. The sky was an ideal blue and it appeared like an unforgiving terrain and it appeared and felt like the top of the world. On the second day we headed further into the desert, waking up to a extremely fundamental breakfast of espresso and bread. We have been rationed a small packet of slimy jam and black coffee. The uninhabitable land that is as flat as far as the eye might see, Salar De Uyuni, the salt flats.
Upon arrival we saw indicators declaring that if the police cease you in public and ask in your passport, simply ignore them. Ask for his or her I.D however by no means hand over your passport to them, tourists have been bribed for lots of of dollars to have their passports again. It is the poorest nation on the continent and is blighted by police corruption, police who're paid meagerly wage. I had heard all of this so it was at all times behind my thoughts when I was wondering around sightseeing.
We stayed in an area formerly occupied by an Inca tribe and stayed the night with a couple of llamas keeping us company. We did residence stays were locals households would open their doors as much as travellers making the journey to Bolivia. Bolivia needs to be one place I have been had been the indigenous individuals nonetheless so distinguished in cities, nothing has died out, they have a distinctive costume sense epitomized by fluorescent colours. While the others slept I seemed round in our first residence keep to find a group of llamas which are so outstanding in S. A native noticed me looking and herded them in direction of me so I could get a more in-depth look, all 4 had been all differing colours and they were such comical looking things, I eventually ate one a month later.
The place was filled with police and navy also, to the point that it seemed excessive carrying large machine guns and shotguns. It wasn’t just the police, I had heard of taxi drivers taking tourists to remote places were they'd be robbed. Tourists was allowed in, but had been stopped as a result of many individuals had been coming to buy cocaine, mentioned to be the purest in Bolivia and likewise generating too much publicity. So for the previous couple of years they have been banned.
Then nonetheless we noticed two foreigners come out, we walked as much as them and so they have been English, their recommendation – just go in and don’t think about it. La Paz needs to be probably the most harmful and corrupt city I have ever been to. You get the impression there that if you have sufficient money you can get away with pretty much anything. I felt on edge whenever I left the hostel alone.
I had heard you would still find ways to get in, so we’d thought we’d attempt, well that was the plan. We then headed to the salt flats, our finish point, marking our arrival in Bolivia. It’s the world’s largest salt flat at 4,000 sq. miles and becomes mirror-like when a skinny layer of water lies on prime. It also contains half of the world’s supply of lithium. Major battery manufacturers are now excited about Bolivia as a result of they need to extract the lithium to make long-lasting batteries for cars, cellular phones.