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1887 broken up. 1865 built Hull - 'Pursuit' Smack, official No.53269, October 1865 registered Hull, 46 tons, 1870/74 registered Grimsby, for Henry Nicholls, Grimsby . 1865 built Hull - 'Jane' Ketch, official No.51235, registered Hull, 60 tons, 1865/70 for Christopher Burnett Chapman, Hull. 1872 for Walter Rowbottom.

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Swinburne, R. N. Eilan Shona, Strontian, Argylesh. 1870/80 for John MacCaskill, Soay, Skye. 1837 constructed Hull - 'Ann' Smack, official No. 7661, registered Hull, eight tons, 1865/80 for Thomas Sleight, Patrington. Broken up 1887.

1847 constructed Hull - 'Jemima' Sloop, official No.11128, June 1854 registered Grimsby, 31 tons, 1865/70 for John Adamson, Staithes. 1846 built Hull - 'Douglas' Barque, 120 x 26 x 19 ft, 379 tons, for Collinson, London for the London to India route, Captain D. Thomas 1860. 1867 for McAllum & Co, Newcastle, Captain J. Sopwith. 1845 constructed Hull - 'Breeze' Schooner, official No.19698, May well 1847 registered Hull, 52 tons, 1848 for Sawyer & Co. Hull for the Hull to Caen trade, Captain W. Amery. 1865/68 registered Boston for William Green, Spalding. 1845 built Hull - 'Elizabeth' Sloop, official No.12479, February 1846 registered Hull, 43 tons, 1865/72 for Joseph Rudge, Hull.

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  • 6th January after taking on board a pilot she arrived at Chantenay and discharged.

  • The court of investigation found the Captain at fault and suspended his Master's certificate for twelve months and granted a very first mates certificate.

  • 2nd of January 1939 she arrived at Gonfreville and loaded for Nantes with nevertheless no charts.

  • Built Belfast 'New Brunswick' Steel Screw Steamer, official No. , registered Liverpool, 413 x 56 x 34 ft, 4029 tons 518 h.p.

  • She then left in ballast for Gravesend.

1865 built Hull - 'Clio' Smack, official No.53273, December 1865 registered Hull, 52 tons, 1870 for Joseph Archer, Hull. 1880/87 registered Ramsgate for James Vanhear, Brunswick Street, Ramsgate.
1862 constructed Hull - 'Prima Donna' Cutter, official No.45097, September 1862 registered Hull, 44 tons, 1870 for Henry Annis, Henry's Spot, Great Passage Street, Hull. 1875 registered Ramsgate for Nicholas C. Williams, Ramsagte. 1880 for Henry Summers, Ramsgate. 1862 constructed Sandwich - 'Peace' Dandy, official No.45093, July 1862 registered Hull, 45 tons, 1865 for Henry Burton, 28 Saville Street, Hull. 1870/75 for John Crispin, 13 Kingston Street, Hull. 1880/85 registered Lowestoft for John Crispin, 47 St. John's Road, Lowestoft . 1890/01 for John Crispin, 51 London Road, Lowestoft.
1863 built Hull - 'Prince of Wales' Fishing Smack, official No.45107, registered Hull, 48 tons, for Richard Rowbottom, Hull. 1880 registered Lowestoft for John Dale, Lowestoft. 1863 built Hull - 'Gauntlet' Ketch, official No.45115, Could 1863 registered Hull, 44 tons, 1865 for George Parkinson, Wellington Street, Hull. 1870 for Henry Hodge jnr, Hull. 1875 for James Alfred Cooke, York.
1861 constructed Hull - 'Hopeful' Cutter, official No.43803, 1861 registered Hull, 51 tons, 1865 for James Westcott jnr, Hull. 1870 for William Smith, 24 Paradise Location, Hull. 1875 for William Batty, Hull. 1876 registered Grimsby for Alfred Doust, Grimsby. 1861 constructed Rye - 'Cygnet' Smack, official No.29324, May perhaps 1861 registered Hull, 45 tons, 1870 for John Horman, Hull. 1880 for Martin W. Barber, Yarmouth. 1890 for William Buckle, 67 South Key, Yarmouth.

14th March 1867 Captain Lorans, bound for Constantinople from the Shields with coal, struck heavy seas and became damaged and anchored of Falmouth Harbour. She remained for a couple of days and began dragging her anchor and at some point drifted and damaged the breakwater jetty. Price of repair £3,589 10s 8d, damages paid by brig owners £999 1s 6d. 1872 registered Quebec for William H. de Wolf, Quebec. 1875/6 registered Stockton for Henry Foxton Craggs, Middlesbrough. 1841 built Hull - 'Sultan' Barque, official No.15669, October 1853 registered Hull, 382 tons, 1854 for J.
1856 built Sculcoates - 'Hope' Sloop,official No.14970, June 1856 registered Hull, 29 tons, 1865/75 for John Gibson, Hull. March 1856 constructed Hull - 'Ocean Wave' Schooner, 56 tons, for T. Winter, official No.12717, registered Hull for the Hull coastal trade. Captain Hamilton 1860. 1865/80 registered Yarmouth for Charles Brown, Excellent Yarmouth. Constructed 1856 constructed Hull - "Alice Maud" Cutter, 14 tons official No.14971, June 1856 registered Hull, 13 tons, 1865 for Henry Pigeon, Hythe, Hants. S. Starkie, Broomfield Cottage, Hampton Wick, Middlesex.1870 for Philip Bennet, Rougham Hall, Rougham, Suffolk.
Sissons, Hull for the Hull to Baltic trade, Captain W. Jackson. antwerpen escort constructed Hull - 'Red Rover' Brig, official No.5341, registered Hull, 278/313 tons, for Gee & Co. 1842 Captain G. Davy, 1856 J. Wrecked March 1856. 1841 constructed Hull - 'Romp' Brig, official No.5187, 1852 registered Whitby, 170 tons, 1865/70 for William Bedlington, Whitby. January 1872 stranded at Hasborough bound for London from Hartlepool with coals, 6 crew, owned by John Bedlington. 1841 constructed Hull - 'Celerity' Sloop, official No.5598, registered Hull, 28 tons, 1865 for F. Bailey, Drypool, Hull.
1880 registered Scarborough for John Putsey, Lengthy Westgate, Scarborough. 1866 constructed Hull - 'Rising Sun' Ketch, official No.56249, registered Hull, 53 tons, 1870 for John C. Pollard snr, 15 ingston Street, Hull. 1872/79 for John Oliver, five William Spot, Cogan Street, Hull. 1882 for Charles Square, Wincolnlee Street, Hull. 1883 for Richard Biggins, Hull.

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July 1842 Captain Bouch sailed from Adelaide to London with 459 bales of wool, 146 casks of black oil and 115 bundles of of whalebone. Captain J. Bruce 1960.

1880 for John Holmes, Wellington Street, Hull. 1885 for Samuel Masters, Sandwich, Kent. 1866 constructed Hull - 'Ann May' Ketch, official No.56251, January 1867 registered Hull, 59 tons, 1870 for Edward Williams, 17 Kingston Street, Hull. 1880 for Henry Cook. 1866 constructed Hull - 'Alexandra' Smack, official No.56233, 1866 registered Hull, 50 tons, 1870 for Amos Lill, Castle Street, Hull.