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Have you heard the term online tutor? The idea of a teaching methodology through digital platforms has evolved and become increasingly popular. Due to the evolution of these technologies, changes in the need of the market and many other reasons, distance learning is a modality of teaching that has been growing exponentially for years, adding more and more students, educational institutions and teachers. With this, the popularity of online tutors also grows.

But how can a profession considered so traditional, such as being a teacher, adapt to an increasingly modern world full of interactions made in the digital environment? In this article we tell you all about the work of an online teacher and, most importantly, if you are with a new project, how to teach online.

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What is Online tutoring and what is your relationship with online tutors? Online tutoring stands for Distance Education, an online teaching model. This means that learning is done at a distance, especially via the internet. So students don't have to go to the same environment as their teachers. This teaching model is possible thanks to the use of various types of technologies, such as virtual learning environments,which allow the transmission of educational content through digital platforms.

In addition to the Online tutoring being positive for students, who, in many cases, can create their own schedule and adapt the teaching according to their needs, the Online tutoring market is also positive for teachers, who can act by creating classes that will be consumed online.

Who is the online teacher? Imagine the figure of a classroom full of tables and chairs positioned side by side, occupied by diverse students looking forward, where a teacher or teacher writes something about the subject taught on a large blackboard.

You probably have alrOnline tutoringy gone through the experience described in the previous paragraph, whether in childhood, high school or even college. But what about the experience of taking classes at home, at work, on the bus or on the subway, directly from a computer or from a mobile phone screen?

Little by little, the figure of the traditional teacher has been complemented by that of an online teacher. This is not to say that teaching as we know it is ending or will end, only that the Online tutoring is occupying a very relevant place in the education of the country.

With the demands of an increasingly competitive job market and the fast-paced routine of people, online education presents itself as a very suitable alternative for new studies, training and specialization. Because of this, online tutors can find a new fertile market to be explored in this area so traditional that is education.

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An online teacher is quite similar to a traditional teacher, since the responsibility of both is to pass on knowledge to their students. The difference is that the traditional teacher gives his classes in physical classrooms and the online teacher uses the resources of the internet to teach classes without being physically present in the same environment as his students.

What kind of content does the online teacher teach? Alluding to the classroom the way we know and experience for so long, it may seem that the Online tutoring teacher is restricted only to classical subjects, such as Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Geography and Biology, but it is possible that any type of knowledge is shared, not only what is learned in a degree.

Of course, educational institutions, especially higher education institutions, can benefit – and a lot – from distance learning, but several professionals can launch themselves into this market, exploiting the potential of free courses. The Internet has made it possible to break several barriers so that the sharing of content and information is facilitated. That's why, to be an online teacher, all you need is to know content in depth, want to disseminate your knowledge and find people who are interested in what you have to share.