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On the talk of giving underwear there were various discussions, similar to those about gifts ranging from blender to vacuum cleaner, which do so much (too) 50s. Now, without running into womens lingerie that a man who gives an intimate garment has a masculine view of society and exploits women's bodies etc, lingerie is at least as slippery a subject as the silk with which it can be made.

Translated simply, there is lingerie and lingerie: the bold outfit, for example, buy it for the friend you are about to marry and who you want to take around for an unforgettable stag do, but do not give it to your partner, unless you are filming together for sexy shops.

It does not mean that you have to choose chastened cotton garments, the middle way is always the best solution.

Seeing her wearing a sexy outfit that enhances her and makes her feel even more beautiful is also a pleasure for both of us (as much as taking it off), but she wears it and her tastes must be respected. Starting from the basics: if she hates a certain color, or lace causes scary outbursts on the skin, maybe it's time to choose another model.

The golden rule to make no mistake

From the above, comes the golden rule: observe. It is clear to everyone (and all) that in moments of passion most often men (apart from those who love lingerie) do not sit too much to look at what she is wearing, but there is no need to call Sherlock Holmes to study the intimate wardrobe of the partner and to understand his preferences in the field of models, colors, fabrics. That said, there's the exception to any self-respecting rule: if you love sports underwear, you might still appreciate a petticoat or a slightly sexy outfit, perhaps along with the invitation to play a very intimate fashion show... for you 2 only.

The problem of sizes (and shapes)

The real, real problem in case you want to give lingerie to your woman is that of sizes. What is difficult in common clothing, in the case of linen becomes a gigantic problem. Even in the everyday life of the person directly concerned.

Wrong size could trigger a world war with only one front, your own, that from caring partners you become almost an enemy of self-esteem. Both poles are potentially deadly: if you give her a size too small, you'll make her feel fat. If you give her a size too big, you're implicitly telling her that you think she's fat – that is, you don't know and don't think so, but she'll convince herself to be fat in your eyes (let's face it).

The problem is insidious because it is complex: leaving out the speech of undergars or leotards (i.e. those kind of whole costumes that are worth as underwear, ndr), the danger increases on the suits, made of panties and bra. For the lower part, you could get by secretly checking the size you wear in garments similar to the ones you want to give it: your partner may wear different sizes depending on when wearing briefs, culottes, thongs or perizomes. Locate the various reference models and mark the sizes by model.

The real obstacle is the bra: even here, the models are many (push-ups, balcony, with or without ferret, brasserie, etc.) and, unlike the part below, are never the same as the others. But just never, even if it's the same brand, let alone if you then bet on different models and brands.

In this case, it would be useful to know not only multiple sizes associated with the various models, but also the measurements of your girlfriend, because the fact that she has a generous breast does not necessarily mean that she has a wide back, or vice versa or a thousand other variants. Perhaps an Excel table with all the data mentioned so far could help, but not quite.