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actually once I odor it I really feel like I smelled it before , nonetheless it is nonetheless very stunning to me. Sauvage is a pleasing citrussy slightly sharp perfume. No oud, no civet, no rose, no espresso.
Although I gotta give credits to fragrance store worker. She stated it was a winner and a tremendous perfume. But do not they all say that about any fragrance that you instantly go and sniff right after coming into a store? You gotta sniff this one for yourself. For its not even close to Dior earlier amazing releases.
I understand everyones disappointment with this fragrance, this is not a perfume for collectors or fanatics of advanced notes and layers. This is to call just three examples of completely exquisite scents that are absolutely not crowd pleasing.
Nothing daring, or strikingly odd. Sometimes it's acceptable to only scent good. This involves life in social conditions in which it steals the present. Everyone sort of knows this scent already. I've continued to test this perfume.
As for efficiency, I cannot actually touch upon longetivity after one try but its projection is gentle. Only these in your personal house will get to smell it. You have a 10 second window when meeting someone and making a primary impression to smell good to them or not. Sauvage works very well for that. Its easy, immediately likeable, will garner compliments, not offend and do the job its supposed to do.
Would I even have favored to see Dior release a game-changer? Or another gem just like the Eau Sauvage Parfum from 2012?