Medical Device Testing Certification Auditing

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E & E Medicals provide auditing and internal evaluation services to our clients under the premise that the self-assessment, carried out by experts, in addition to being a requirement for compliance with a multitude of International Standards, is an indispensable pillar to determine the opportunities for improvement of medical device companies as well as a guarantee for the medical device companies itself of the level of compliance with the desired requirements.

In collaboration with public entities, associations, client companies and the like, we provide evaluation and auditing services to those companies, medical device companies and entities that must overcome certain requirements to establish collaboration, purchase or similar agreements. For many entities and companies, the evaluation of their suppliers is essential since it determines the quality and / or safety with which they deliver their product and / or final services to their customers, consumers and / or users.

Due Diligence Audits

To qualify for a multitude of national and international tenders, as well as to opt to be part of the catalog of suppliers of a multitude of medical device companies and companies, it is essential to pass an independent evaluation that evidences the overcoming of the pre-established requirements.

In order to guarantee maximum transparency and independence to all parties, we provide audit and evaluation services, participating together with the contracting or purchasing entity in the initial setting of the evaluation requirements or criteria as well as the methodology of evaluation, so that at the end of the project the information is available in a structured and objective way as a basis for making purchase and / or contracting decisions.