Obesity and depression

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Stresses, anxieties, bad diet choices, lack of exercise - these are the very first steps towards obesity. But not only this, the Bad Four possibly lead you to despair disorder on top of that.
When you start gaining weight, you become depressed by the fact itself. Mental health feel guilty, unsightly, lacking self-confidence, feeling as you've lost control of your lifetime.
If you're depressed and on antidepressant drugs as an element of depression treatment, they can also play a role in you gaining fat, you are on the right medications so you better check with your doctor to make sure.
Also link of the signs and symptoms of depression is gaining fat because you can't stop eating as you feel in need of comfort.
Being causes that are overweight to withdraw from your friends and family and from your community as people often judge you by your weight. There is a whole social stigma surrounding obesity - obese people are harder to find employment, to participate in community activities, to live full life as they become less mobile. No wonder obesity and depression are usually found together.
There are plenty of mental health jeopardy can do to help with your obesity causing depression OR sadness causing obesity:
1. look for help from the specialist for your sadness. Arrive at the roots of your problems and get back control of your life by fighting them.
2. do not diet however ridiculous it seems. Harsh dieting will only make you more depressed especially it up and start to feel guilty because of your failure, you will also lack some vitamins and minerals essential for fighting your depression (vitamin B, fish oil, etc. if you give)

3. Try to reduce your calories intake to 1500 per day instead, by changing really calorific items by low-fat substitutes, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthier choice of sweets. It will allow you to lose your weight slowly but healthily rather of yo-yo dieting.
4. If you over indulge, do not feel guilty but create a system of counter-balances, - long walks for a chocolate binge, big house cleaning for a big pizza, etc. You'll do your important exercises, burn your calories, speed up your metabolism and feel happier and more energetic.
5. Exercise anyhow, it's going to release happy hormones into your human body and makes you are feeling generally better about yourself. Just find something you enjoy.
6. Don't feel like you should stay on your own in your fight, involve you friends and relatives, join a group or online forum. Sharing depression vs recession and finding support from others who go through the same will be an help that is enormous.
7. Drink plenty of water, it will fill your stomach up, make you feel less hungry and more hydrated. It shall also do miracles for the skin!
If anyone has any experience depression that is fighting obesity, please share it with us.