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Some questions must be asked before and at the time of buying a dog breed. The objective is to facilitate the adaptation of the animal to the environment and the lifestyle of the owners.

What to consider before buying a dog breed?

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1. Male or female? Males and females have temperaments and require different care . It is important to choose the most appropriate according to the lifestyle, expectations and time of each owner. Males usually have a more intense sense of territory . It means they can become aggressive by sharing the environment with new pets or people. In addition, it is common for them to want to urinate in every corner of the home.

Females will need special attention during their jealousy . But they tend to be more easily socialized and excellent protectors for children. They also have shorter stature and adapt more easily to reduced environments.

2. Long hair or short hair? This decision is essential for people who have allergies. In these cases, the ideal is to prefer hypoallergenic breeds , such as Terriers and Greyhounds.

But the available time of future owners must also be taken into account. Long-haired dogs need to be brushed 2 to 3 times per week to avoid the accumulation of dead hair. Hygiene should also be more meticulous to avoid bad smell and diseases. In addition, it is advisable to cut the mane one to two times per year. Those with short hair usually need 3 or 4 brushes per month and one to two bathrooms per week. Their hair can be fixed once a year or once every 2 years, depending on the breed.

3. Small, medium or large? Small dogs are special for small city environments. But they also need to exercise to maintain their good health and avoid the consequences of being overweight. Medium dogs can live in apartments with ample open space , such as balconies or terraces. But the ideal is that they are raised in houses with patio or garden. Large or giant dogs need very large spaces to develop and a high dose of exercises.