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Fractal Audio claims this is actually the world's most effective all-in-one guitar processor, plus they are not bluffing because the unit is with the capacity of modeling hardware thoroughly, down to the ICs, filtration system caps, choke, tubes, transformers and other minute details. This means that each preset is an accurate mathematical representation of the real thing. There are over 130 amp versions onboard and they can be virtually wired to a variety of modeled stompboxes and rack results which are also built-in. This large number of robust amp and effects models actually justifies the premium price that the Axe-FX II commands, this guitar processor is usually bounds and leaps cheaper in comparison to collecting and maintaining vintage and contemporary tube amps and results! It doesn't end at just accurate modeling, Axe-FXII gives you the independence to tweak most of the parameters to personalize your digital rig. Online posting of presets further expand the noises that you can get out of this rack-mountable device.

If you're not convinced yet, maybe knowing that the best guitar virtuosos were pleased would change your brain, including Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Tosin Abassi and the list is growing. Axe-FX II XL is currently retailing for just under $2,500. Check out Fractal Audio for the entire specifications. When I 1st heard the way the Kemper Profiler can in fact "profile" or copy guitar rigs, my jaw literally dropped. It impressively mimics the soul of a guitar rig and it can so in just a few minutes. The modeled rigs or "profiles" carry over impressive sonic details that amazes even probably the most battle-hardened analog purists. This voodoo-like technology will let you carry the sound, experience and dynamics of your pricey tube amps on the highway - while leaving the actual hardware safe in the home! You can even download various other professionally captured "profiles" either from Kemper or from various other users, easily expanding your digital rig. Though it will not provide expanded signal routing and effects chaining, many concur that the Kemper Profiler gets you as close to real rigs as you possibly can.

It will provide control over particular parameters should you need to tweak the audio - but as much users have observed - you rarely have to. The built-in effects are simply as accurately and dynamically detailed because the amp profiles, but they are limited by only four effects slots. Stompbox profiling probably the next phase for the Kemper and really should be something to watch out for in future updates. Actually, the most recent update included new and noteworthy effects that include the pitch change and formant shift. Ola Englund and Steve Morse are simply a few of the growing number of artists and studio cats that have integrated this "lunchbox" to their live or recording rigs. Kemper Amps list the Kemper Profiler Mind and Rack variations at $1,799, as the PowerHead and PowerRack amp versions are selling for $2,225. The POD HD series can be easily the best bang per buck guitar processor chip on the market today.

The POD HD500X in particular gives you hardware-like versatility and impressive sonic quality, at a cost point that neither the Kemper or Axe-FX can hold a candle to. Since most famous guitar players got a POD HD for myself, I have to admit that it provides effectively kept my GAS(Gear Acquisition Syndrome) symptoms away, and I'm truly pleased because it functions as a multi-effects unit, an amp modeler and a documenting interface - all loaded in a sturdy unit that is easy to use. The POD HD500X is the latest floorboard to come out out of this series. It features improved DSP for even more chaining possibilities, while keeping the same HD modeling technology from the previous models. If you feel that the HD modeled noises are inadequate, you might be surprised simply as I was when you see some of your preferred bands and guitarists play musical lines making use of their Line 6 guitar processors - just so they will not have to carry around their fragile and costly vintage rigs.