Understanding the importance of PPE for bodily fluids

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No measures alone can provide complete protection against infections, but only a combined set of actions, in areas with confirmed cases in the form of limited outbreaks or sustained community transmission, can reduce the risk of infection. In addition to the use of filtering face maskss, the universal precautions to be followed and issued by WHO and the Lombardy Region are of particular importance. - The use of a filtering face masks can represent an undoubted benefit, provided it is worn appropriately. In fact, only if perfectly adapted to the face, this device can be effective against aerosols containing viruses generated by infected people, but it has the drawback of not being tolerated for long periods of time due to the difficulty of breathing through it. Filtering face maskss are not recommended for children or for people with beards due to the evident impossibility of perfect adaptation to the contours of the face.

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- The filtering face maskss with an exhalation valve are designed to facilitate the exhalation of the breath through an opening valve only in order to increase the level of comfort. If a person has to wear a filtering face masks to limit his exposure to airborne viruses, the type with an exhalation valve is definitely fine.

On the other hand, it must not be used by people with suspected or acclaimed positivity to the virus, since, during the exhalation of the breath, the rubber membrane in the valve moves, putting the inside of the face masks in communication with the environment surrounding and thus allowing the release of the virus into the environment itself.

-  People who have breathing problems, such as asthma or emphysema, and people who have had heart problems, should consult a doctor before using a high efficiency filtering facial even if equipped with a valve.

- In the absence of other protections, if we have to resort to surgical masks, we can increase their efficiency by using a normal white patch on a spool to seal the edges in contact with the face.

- In recent days, the placing on the market of “masks” has been observed which appear similar to certified filtering face maskss but which do not carry any of the indications provided for by European standards and therefore are false devices that do not guarantee any type of protection to the user. . Before proceeding with the purchase, always check that the manufacturer, the type (FFP ...), the reference standard and the CE marking are clearly indicated on the device or in the attached information sheet.