Bible verses The Real Source of Strength

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Regardless of the circumstances and times in which we live, our Lord reminds us in these verses,that He will always be with us and will never abandon us, because he is in control of everything, an exercise that you can practice to try to overcome anxiety is to take refuge and memorize these prayers during the day, especially when you feel that anxiety invades you, it preserves your mind full of good intentions and promisesof God.

he has a good point

Many believe that anxiety can only be controlled indirectly, do not think that trying to suppress or ignore the thoughts that generate it or asking your subconscious will go away, to eradicate with this root disorder you have to keep under control what causes it,these symptoms can be caused by economic problems, news of global crises or diseases, insecurity in your ward, love instability, medical outcomes, malicious third parties, among others, who will only be fought by improving the relationship that exists between your mind with theenvironment in which you find yourself, with the presence of God in your life and with the conviction faithful to his words illustrating these verses of his sacredscriptures, where you will find the necessary tools to combat anxiety once and for all.